Flowable engine with node

Hi, our application backend is built on node js and we would like to use flowable as the bpm engine. From this discussion I figure that it is possible to do so, but our application would include a process modeler and users would create process templates from the UI which need to be instantiated against various business objects. The part that is troubling me is how do I handle the variable bindings for (user/script) tasks and conditional gateways at runtime from the UI so the flowable engine can orchestrate the process. Any suggestions?


I’m not sure if I understand how you want to use the Flowable BPM Engine. Will you be invoking the Flowable BPM Engine using REST calls from the node js backend? If so, then you only need to make sure that the Flowable process instances will have the correct variables to make the variable bindings work in general. Or are you thinking about specific use cases? Could you elaborate a bit more what you want to do?

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