Where is flowable engine running

I have deployed the flowable-admin , flowable-modeler, flowable-task , flowable-idm and flowable-rest on my machine.
I have created few test processed using modeler. I can start the process using flowable-task. I see apis in flowable-rest, which also can start the flowable process.

I am assuming flowable engine is required to run any process.

  1. Is engine part of both application task and rest?
  2. Or one application calls another internally? I
  3. would have to make few changes for engine(i.e. multi tenancy support) where should I make change?

Although there is lot of documentation on flowable site , but I am not clear on above points.


Hi Prashant,

  1. yes
  2. flowable-modeler calls flowable-task…
  3. multi tenancy is supported on the rest api calls.