How app engine is different from standard flowable-engine

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Well done on 6.3.1 release! Going through notes

“Introduction of an app engine, so apps are now a first class citizen and the process engine is not misused any more to handle app deployments. When starting the Flowable Task application all app deployments are automatically migrated to the new app engine.”

would it be possible to elaborate what an app engine is and how it is different from standard flowable-engine (rest).


Thanks and good question. The main point we tried to solve is that when you deploy an app from the Flowable Modeler the app deployment was done to the Process Engine. Then from the Process Engine the CMMN, DMN and Form definitions were created. The Process Engine should not be responsible for this, because it’s designed to run BPMN processes. That’s why we now have an app engine that is responsible for handling the app deployment. So when you deploy an app from the Flowable Modeler, it will now be deployed to the App Engine via the App Engine REST API.

Hope this makes sense.

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Thanks @tijs . Understood.
Currently in modeler points to either REST/Task (ex: http://host:port/flowable-rest/service). What would be the ideal value for this going forward.

And should* properties also point to the new App Engine.