Javascript services orchestrated by Flowable

We are building a new application using Flowable as the orchestration engine. As of now we have been building all Java services, but we can gain a lot of development efficiency if we switch to Javascript services. Also some of our code is native language © so it would be easier to access that without the JVM. We originally chose Java because Flowable is written in Java, but we really want to use it as a service orchestrator.

Does this sound workable? Any drawbacks to using something like Node.js or Angular on Node for our services, and have a simple Java framework that invokes the services from Flowable?

Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

The easiest would be if these services can be accessed through REST. In that case the out of the box REST task can be used and all the services are invoked via REST, leaving the orchestration to the Flowable engine.

If you’d want to invoke the services without REST, you’d need to have a mechanism to call the native C code (eg with JNI in Java … not that easy) or have a mechanism to call the local node.js logic, add that as an ActivityBehaviour and implement your services with that behaviour (as if it were an out of the box behaviour).

Thanks for the response, REST is what we will use so that should be fine. We will create all of our tasks as REST tasks in Flowable, it sounds like a great solution.

– Cory Isaacson

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