Flowable engine stuck as is writing too much

Flowable history Disk is probably writing too much data (> 50 MB/s)
VALUE = 110.39365795647754

Can I write history at another database or write it on specific time

Can you please share more information about what you are trying to do? Like how does your processes look like, how many variables you have, how many processes you are starting, completing etc. per second.

It would also be beneficial if you can share the DB you are using as well.


here is the data i can tell you that we may have variables that may load our db write
also keep history as default
one more think that we may have load in bussiness 200 k per day that may need SPACE 15 GB per day

You can use async history, reduce HistoryLevel for the process definition…
It really depends what you want to.

Typically this means you are storing a large amount of variables? Or variables that are large (e.g. large serializable objects)? Can you give an overview of the top x table sizes that Flowable is using?