Db2 /zOS Database Support

Hi, I have seen Flowable is supporting DB2. Is Flowable supports DB2/zOS Database ?

Hi Sankar,

We don’t have the environments available to test & support zOS. Always happy to collaborate if anyone can make them available on an on-going basis.


Thanks Paul, After various discussion we plan to go with PostgreSQL or MSSQL, please let me know which table in Flowable grow fast and what should be the initial database size(Storage size) required.


Hi Sankar,

This depends on the history level you will use with Flowable.
By default the history level is set to audit, and then the ACT_HI_ACTINST table will be the table with the largest amount of rows. But if history is set to FULL then the ACT_HI_DETAIL table will be the largest. To minimize the data storage, history can also be turned off.
The database size in total will depend very much on the number of process instances started and the amount of activities used in the process definitions and the amount of variables that are set for each process instance.

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