Flowable Designer 403 error Block

When I try to access flowable designer the site is being blocked. I am accessing this on my company VPN, however the block appears to be coming from Flowable’s end. My best guess is that the access request being sent from the VPN has some blocked Headers on it. Is there any way to get in contact with someone who has visibility on the flowable log files to get to the root cause of the issue?

Can you elaborate what you’re trying to install? Flowable Design? Or the Eclipse plugin (which was is named Designer in the past, but which we haven’t updated for a long time)? What URL’s are you using?

Sorry, yes I am referring to the Eclipse plugin.
I am using this URL: http://www.flowable.org/designer/update/

Okay - that seems to be a problem for me too. I’ll ask our infrastructure team to look into it.

Thank you very much!

Trying it now from Eclipse, that URL seems to work. There’s a 403 when using it in the browser, but it works through Eclipse.

Thanks the error seems to have been partially resolved but now appears that there is a Graphiti requirement missing. Is this something you have ever seen before?