Flowable Admin - Show all Results Causes Out of Memory

Hi All,

We have an environment with a large number of Process Instances. If someone uses the admin portal and chooses to the ‘Show All Results’ Option this triggers an Java out of memory on the container hosting the REST API component.

Is there a property that can or should be enforcing the maximum resultset or page size defaults allowed for this Admin UI operation to minimise the impact of this? Should we expect these to already be defaulting at some level?

Many Thanks.

It looks like the size for this request is defaulting to 100,000,000, without any sort of paging.


Which UI or REST api are you talking about? Do you mean Flowable Admin and the process instance view? Or something else?

Yes this is the flowable Admin UI and Process instance view. The configured REST endpoint for the flowable admin UI is in a separate container configured using the flowable-spring-boot-starter-process-rest dependency. There are also more than a million process instances.

I actually don’t see any options for paging through results in the Flowable Admin applications for any of the selected result options. i.e. If I select ‘Show 25 results’ I see only 25 process instances and no option to get the next 25. Should I expect to see some sort of paging functionality in the Admin application?

So I appear to be experiencing 2 issues. 1) No paging function in the Flowable Admin UI and 2) selecting ‘Show All results’ when there are a large number of process instances causes an Out of Memory condition on the Process Server. If anyone is able to provide any confirmation as to whether this is as expected or I have something wrong in the setup it would be appreciated. Many Thanks.