Event registry with RabbitMQ and Spring Boot

There is an example of inbound event registry https://github.com/seletz/flowable-event-registry-demo. What I try to do is send outbound event registry. There is (https://flowable.com/open-source/docs/eventregistry/ch06-EventRegistry-Introduction/) information that we can receive events, not only send.

I want to send to queue information while user/service task is trigged and wait for the respose (also queue) to move forward to next user/service task. Should I use send event task/revice task/boundary event task? How should I listen to queue after send message to it.


I use Spring Boot with Flowable and RabbitMQ.

For our use case – we’re going to use RabbitMQ too – we intend to use send and receive events.

I your case it seems you want synchronous behaviour – so a simple spring bean which sends/receives over RabbitMQ should be all you need. If I understood correctly, you basically want RPC over RMQ.

If you want to use the event registry, it might be easier if you think about starting processes through messages – not waiting in processes. Really depends on the exact use case.

Yes, I want RPC. Lets say that I have beans with send/receive action, how will I freeze proces until i get message from queue?
Also I dont understand ‘bean which sends/receives over RabbitMQ’, have you any example?
Another question, ‘starting processes through messages’, also any example?

Can process procedure like example on image or should I use ReceiveTask/SendEventTask?

Advantage of the opportunity, why you have file outbound.channel in your repository? Do you use it?

With bean I mean a Spring Java Bean, assuming you use Spring Boot. Any @Service bean is accessible from within a script task.

I’d suggest that you read the docs about the Java integration and how to create Java based tasks:

Regarding RPC and waiting. If you really want to do that synchronously, create a java class which does what you want. Test it w/o flowable first. Then wrap it in a Java Service Task:

I put an example here https://github.com/dcwik96/Flowable-event-registry
Its similar to @seletz but there is triggerable set and task wait for response from queue. That is what I needed. Thanks for help.

Awesome, thanks for sharing this!

Thanks for the example – will have a look.

actually i also want to do same process to receive event from rabbitMq in flowable ui (open source) but getting some error .
can anyone help me that what should be the configuration of start event registry event and how to send message(json) from rabbitMq .