Event Registry - Springboot Starter

I would very much like to use Event Registry to make bpmn and CMMN event driven using Rabbit.

There seems to be not much around the context of the event and channel files and how they are configured. What are the definitions of the files and how and where are they included when using SpringBoot starter?

Thanks for your time.


Hey there – I hacked together (!!) some demo code. It’s basically what I found out using the docs and the source code. It’s not CMMN, but BPMN. YMMV, HTH etc :slight_smile:


@seletz Thanks for sharing.

Indeed, thanks for sharing!

(we posted yesterday an advanced example in a blog that might be an inspiration in this context: https://blog.flowable.org/2020/03/24/flowable-business-processing-from-kafka-events/)


That kafka example looks slick. Is the work in next open source release going to inherit some richer context like in the example?