Event registry - HTTP

I already implemented event registry for Kafka - which works perfectly.

According to this blog, there is a also a possibility to receive events through HTTP.

However, I don’t see example how to implement this.

Is there any tutorial/examples?


This is the endpoint you’re looking for: flowable-engine/EventInstanceCollectionResource.java at master · flowable/flowable-engine · GitHub

Hi @mykeul , as you said, you have already implemented event registry for Kafka and its working. Could you please guide me how can I implement it and how can I verify in my code when the message is received from kafka topic.

@joram , I am using Micronaut framework, is there any implementation available with this framework for receiving kafka topic message.

Hi Harish,

There are several examples on how to implement event registry for Kafka.
For my part, I used this one:

Hope it helps.


Thanks @mykeul , it worked for spring boot and now trying with micronaut.

Hi @joram, I am trying to implement same in Micronaut and its not working. I do not get any error but the control is not coming to my delegate. Although , I am able to do the same with spring boot. Below are the configurations I have added:

 implementation 'io.micronaut.kafka:micronaut-kafka:3.3.3'
    implementation "org.flowable:flowable-engine:6.6.0"

My Bean:

    public ProcessEngine processEngine() {

        ProcessEngineConfiguration cfg = ProcessEngineConfiguration.createStandaloneProcessEngineConfiguration()
                .setJdbcDriver("driver class name")
                .setAsyncExecutorActivate(true)                .setDatabaseSchemaUpdate(AbstractEngineConfiguration.DB_SCHEMA_UPDATE_TRUE);

        List<VariableType> customTypes = new ArrayList<>();
        ((StandaloneProcessEngineConfiguration) cfg).setCustomPreVariableTypes(customTypes);

        ProcessEngine processEngine = cfg.buildProcessEngine();


        return processEngine;

My delegate:

public class MyDelegate implements JavaDelegate {

    public void execute(DelegateExecution execution) {

        String field = execution.getVariable("fieldNamePassingFromKafkaTopicMessage", String.class);

Could you please suggest me what’s wrong in my implementation or any dependency that I am missing ?


Hey @harish,

There is no need to ping anyone and you already asked this question in a different topic (Flowable with kafka). I’ve already provided you with an answer.

Please be patient and do not cross post questions.


Thanks Joram.
Is there a sample on how to implement it?
I would like to have a process that has a blocking event waiting for an external rest (endpoint defined in Flowable).
Once the rest is called/received, the process instance continues
Does it fit our requirements or is there another construct?