Message event problem

i have a two processes described as the photo :
first process is running until waiting message event to be notified
but before the process is notified another process is running and when second process is finished notify the message event to continue the first process but when the second process is finished and notify the first message event , exception is occurred that execution didn’t have the message event and the process is freeze
note two processes is communicate between each other with rabbitmq queue and the two processes is not have any relation between each other

Hey @hatemali510,

Are you using the new event registry for this? How are you doing the communication between the processes?

Can you please share the exception you are seeing? Can you please share the BPMN XML that you are using.


Hi Filip,
thanks alot for your support
no we aren’t use event registry we are using this API to notify the message are received.

private RuntimeService runtimeService;

runtimeService.messageEventReceived(messageName,execustion, processVariables);

in the listener of rabbit MQ

Hey @gihan,

Thanks for the info. Can you please answer the other questions

We can’t help if we don’t know what problems you are having.


Hi Everyone,
do you know about message packet?

No reply yet .. ?

I am still waiting for someone to help me with the issue

Hey @shamsmehra90,

Your problem is not really clear. Please create a new topic with detailed explanation of your problem.