Event Logging in Flowable

Hi Flowable Team,
I need to save the flowable event logs data into the MongoDB database which is by default saved in postgres in act_evt_log table if I provide postgres configuration. Any suggestions how can I do this?



You could use the Async History mechanism, which conveniently uses a JSON payload. See some examples here: https://github.com/flowable/flowable-examples/tree/master/async-history/async-history-default-cfg


Hi Paul,
I tried this project but in that there is one Bean

public AsyncHistoryJobMessageReceiver asyncHistoryJobMessageReceiver() {
AsyncHistoryJobMessageReceiver asyncHistoryJobMessageReceiver = new AsyncHistoryJobMessageReceiver();
return asyncHistoryJobMessageReceiver;

in which setProcessEngineConfiguration(processEngineConfiguration()) is not there in AsyncHistoryJobMessageReceiver class.

and one another thing after commenting that line and running there is another problem that in AsyncHistoryJobMessageReceiver that both commandExecutor and asyncHistoryJobMessageHandler are null.

Do you have any other solutions like how to do it with Event Flusher which is in flowable engine.


method is not there in AsyncHistoryJobMessageReceiver class