Async Hisotry with JMS


Requirement: We want to trigger push data to ES and perform some operations while updating or creating any process or case variables in BPMN or CMMN.

We’ve started to explore the Flowable Async History feature with the JMS queue as of now so idea is to push the update or create message to the queue and will listen from the queue and then push this data to ES and apply some operation on that data.

Implementation: We have deployed flowable wars and our core spring boot application with the same database and have configured the following properties in both flowable wars as well as spring boot applications. Application pom.xml has the flowable dependencies.

Issue: We are not getting any records in ACT_RU_HISTORY_JOB and not able to see any activated queue in logs.

Please suggest us how to enable async history for our application.

Thanks in advance.

Looking at, the property seems to be flowable.process.async-history.enable=true to make the async history executor kick in.

I’m not sure though if those properties are exposed (message-queue-mode) on the regular Flowable Spring Boot starters? Where did you get these from?