Spring boot aync history support


I am building a web app with Spring boot. I have used flowable-starter-process to build workflows. Everything is working fine. However, now, I want to move the history data to NoSQL database. I found few articles of aync-history and rabbitmq but nothing specific with Spring boot. The only example https://github.com/flowable/flowable-examples/tree/master/async-history/async-history-rabbitmq-springboot-listener.

I am using Spring Boot 2.1.1 and flowable 6.4.0.

Please guide me with correct steps.

Best Regards,
Gunjan Aggarwal

As per the following commit:

The support for auto configuration was added in 6.4.0.

Please guide me here.

@joram Can you please help me here? I think aync history is now supported by auto configuration in 6.4.0.