Customize script task

Hi all, I am new to flowable plugin. i need to customize the script task that is present inside the palette and configure it with a delegate java class to exceute the logic. I have created the dummy customized script task but getting difficulty to include a delegate java class inside it. Also i need to run it to collibra environment. So even if i am including the java delegate class inside my jar (where logic of customized script task is present) after deploying my bpmn file inside the collibra environment it is not identifying the java delegate class. Giving class not found error.

Does anyone else face this or implemented anything like this. Thanks in advance.

I do not understand the use case. Why do you use java delegate in the script task?
Regarding Collibra: Could you provide more info pls?

Hi Martin,

Actually i need to create customized script tasks. Either through a java code or using plugin. i need to to customize the script tag inside the BPMN file so that it take the input from the user and do the functionality at the back end and give the output. I know we have a script task provided in flowable plugin but in that we need to code. i don’t want to code in the script task. i need to create a script task that should know what it needs to done without any coding inside it.I just drag the script task from palette and get the work done. So it has to be implement at the back end i guess. Let me take an example- In Collibra we create workflows for adding a community. right now what we are doing is we are writing the code inside the script task and executing it. What my requirement is i need to create a script task that has the functionality of creating community without writing the code. Please let me know if my requirement is clear and also if you have any stuff related to this.


If you work for Collibra then you can raise this as a support question through your Flowable support contact. Also, the answer for integrating into the palette may be different, as the opens source Modeler is different from the enterprise Design apps.