How to create Custom Task


I am new in flowable, just wanted to create custom task please guide me from where i can start and what are the step to create simple custom task,

the task just accept input parameter and return output parameter, with just simple business logic,

please guide me how many files i have to modified and in which package too.

Hi Amstitan.

In the case when logic is really simple you can just use a scriptTask

working examples:



Thanks for your reply, i have just modified stencilset_bpmn.json file with adding Node same as Service Task, it gives me Json Converter Error, it can be resolve but i need to understand what is json converter role. what thing i need to modify.

I just need a custom stencil similar behavior to Service task but need to apply basic business logic,
I have searched alot but did not find any proper beginner guide or tutorial for this one.

Hi Amstitan,

As a beginner you do not need to extend stencilsets. If you extend stencil set, you can provide your own tasks for modelers.
Just use

and implement your own logic there.
And the only file which is needed in the case of ScriptTask is process model.