Creation of Business Objects

Hi Team,

I am in the process of creating a form in Flowable that can pick the data to be auto-filled dynamically by querying the Database.

Similar provision is seen in Metastorm Workflow, where we can create a Business object, mapping it to a SQL query (which can be added in the properties panel associated to that form)and when the form is loaded, it executes the business object (corresponding SQL query) and fetch its value and displays it on the fly.

Is there any similar way we can achieve this in Flowable?

No, data objects (which do what you describe) are an enterprise feature, this is not part of the open source distributable.

Thanks @joram .
Good to know this feature is present in enterprise edition. Do you have any documentation that talks about it. I am researching the BPM tools which can fit for my purpose and “Business Objects” is one such item.

Yes, Data Object Models | Flowable Enterprise Documentation and Getting Started with Data Objects Part 1 | How-To | Flowable - YouTube

As this is the open source community forum, would it be possible to move any follow up discussions to the enterprise forum at ?