Create custom entity and manage CRUD operation

Is there any example or way to create a custom entity and manage CRUD operation?

I have created one table like Person and added some fields.
I have also created one entity class Person.

I have created one rest call from my project which is used to perform CRUD operation.

So I am tried to find a way and also checked in flowable but could not found an exact way.

Flowable 6.6.0

Note: we can not use other database configurations, we can use only existing flowable database property files or flowable datasource.


I’m not sure what you’re looking for:

  • Do you want to do the CRUD operation over REST? If so, you need to use the Http task
  • Do you want to do the CRUD operations in the process itself embedded: if so, you’d need service tasks that do the logic you want in Java.

Not sure what that means - if you have already created the Person table, then you’re already having a different table than the default Flowable tables?

@joram Thanks for the replay

Our case is something different so we have checked the design of the flowable and we found solution.