Create Custom HttpClientConnectionManager

How can I provide my own PoolingHttpClientConnectionManager to be used by flowable when executing HttpTask.
I want to implement custom http pooling.

Hey @prasanta,

You can achieve this by providing your own implementation of the FlowHttpClient interface. You can create ApacheHttpComponentsFlowableHttpClient by passing a builder that has a custom HttpClientConnectionManager.


Hi @filiphr , thank you for the details.
However there is one challenge. When I created ApacheHttpComponentsFlowableHttpClient and set it as processEngineConfiguration.getHttpClientConfig().setHttpClient(httpClient), after every request this httpClient is closed.

In ‘ApacheHttpComponentsFlowableHttpClient’ below code
`public HttpResponse call() {
try (CloseableHttpClient httpClient = {

            try (CloseableHttpResponse response = httpClient.execute(request)) {
                return toFlowableHttpResponse(response);

        } catch (ClientProtocolException ex) { `

which marks the poolingHttpClientConnectionManager object as shutdown.

Did you mean to extend ApacheHttpComponentsFlowableHttpClient and override above behaviour?