HttpActivityBehaviorImpl implementation bug

Hi, team.

The First problem HttpActivityBehaviorImpl has is: the HttpActivityExecutor is not extendable there. HttpActivityExecutor instance created inside the constructor and I can not change anything within the executor.
The Second problem is: HttpActivityExecutor never close the timer and it creates a lot of threads and after some time executor could not create one thread more.
Is there any possible way to override this behavior to avoid the problem or do you plan to fix it in the nearest release?


Thanks for raising this question @dmitryfar,

We’ve addressed both problems on master:

  • Cannot easily override HttpActivityExecutor in (Cmmn)HttpActivityBehaviorImpl - have a look at this commit.
  • HttpActivityExecutor never closes the timer - Completely removed the timer in this commit. It was obsolete. The Apache Http Client already had all the needed parts to make this work.



Hi Filip,
Thanks for the super reactive reply and fix!!! Good news!

Best regard,