Extending HttpActivityBehaviorImpl in Flowable 6.4.1

I am using Flowable 6.4.1.

I need to provide custom logic for the HttpTask when executing HTTP calls. According to the documentation, the way to do this is to provide an HttpActivityBehaviorClass:

    Custom implementations should extend org.flowable.http.HttpActivityBehavior and override the perform() method.
    <flowable:field name="httpActivityBehaviorClass">

Source: https://www.flowable.org/docs/userguide/index.html#bpmnHttpTaskUsage

The Flowable code base no longer has a perform() method, see here:

Is the best practice now to extend org.flowable.http.bpmn.impl.HttpActivityBehaviorImpl and override execute()? And if not, what should custom logic extend/override?


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