Create Custom Activity with Custom Functionality

Objective: To create a custom pallete with a bunch of custom activities, so we can reuse them to create processes or cases across our organization.

We Have been trying to create a custom activity with functionality after browsing all the previous threads in the forum that talk about this topic. Have followed the following steps:

  1. Made Necessary changes to stecilset_bpmn.json
  2. Created a new class a custom task parser to parse my custom task.
  3. Defined a custom initialization class CustomPropertyInit

After this I have built a new war and run it on tomcat in local, I was able to view the custom task that I have defined in stencilset but it throws an error if I use it in the process in anywhere. Looking forward for some light in this area. Thanks.

Note: This is one of the blog I 've referred to - Flowable custom node properties - Programmer Sought

Thanks in Advance,