Commit Modeler Artifacts to Source Control

We have dozens of processes, forms, and DMN artifacts. I would like to have a history of each resource in a source control system to perform reviews of what my new team has changed. I am interested in their modeling state each xx hours, not only when they have been published. Before I write this utility, I am curious if anyone has written it and is willing to share.

The process I have in mind:

  • retrieve a list of apps
  • export zip files
  • extracs zip files
  • commit changes to a git repo

There is a more elegant way to perform this process. However, all my resources are in apps & I do not need to worry about unassociated artifacts.

To my knowledge, nothing that is publicly available.

As all the code is open, you could change the logic that’s currently in the saving of a model to do what you want (and repackage the application with your changes). However, your approach would work without having to change code.