CMMN historic planitem instances issue


I’ve designed CMMN case which contents humanTask and complete of this human task starts processTask which refers to BPMN workflow. This BPMN workflow contains some userTask.

My goal is find the user task created by the BPMN in situation when only caseInstanceId and planItemDefinitionId (of process task) is known.

When the process task planitem is active, this is possible using REST cmmn-runtime/plan-item-instances with caseInstanceId and planItemDefinitionId parameter.
Then I can use referenceId (which is equal to processInstanceId) to find the user task.

When the process task planitem is completed I assume, that we can use same procedure only with cmmn-history REST, but there is a issue. This works only for process tasks without repetition.
While process task without repetition is completed, planitem moves from runtime to history and in history I can see that is completed and still can use referenceId to find task which I want.
While process task with repetition is completed, planitem disappear from runtime and it is not in history either. So I can’t find any completed planitem of this multiinstace process task.

My CMMN case looks like this:

Process task 2 works fine in runtime and history.
Process task 1 works fine in runtime, but after complete any of instances, this instance disapear from runtime and not show up in history.

Is it bug or feature? If it’s feature, can you please give me advice how to find completed planitem instances of repetitive process tasks?

Thank you,

I’ve been trying to reproduce it here, but no luck, I always get back the correct plan items.
Can you share the exact CMMN model you’re using + which API you’re calling? Which version of Flowable are you using?