Reference Id is returning null in PlanItem query

Hi, I have a small cmmn model including a process task which referred to process model.I created them using Flowable modeler and exported them in my spring project. I created an instance of case model using cmmnRuntimeService. When I query planitems instances, using cmmnRuntimeService, I expect to get
referenceId —> the process definition Id of the process task
referenceTyoe --> something like cmmn-1.1-to-bpmn-2.0-child-process
but I getting null. The response has correct value for planItemDefinitionId and type.
“planItemDefinitionId”: “submitApplicationProcess”,
“planItemDefinitionType”: “processtask”
Am I missing something?

Your processTask is manually activated (the triangle icon), which means it isn’t started automatically. This means your process instance will only start after the plan item instance is started. You can do this through


Hi Joram,

Thanks for your response.