CMMN query tasks by propagatedStageInstanceId


I’m using the CMMN REST API and I want to know if it’s possible to query for tasks by
propagatedStageInstanceId, or, if there is any alternative approach to achieve similar result.

For context, suppose you have CMMN model with a stage (1) that has a process task (2).
This process task has a definition with a multi-instance call activity (3) in it.

Say you wanted to query for tasks (4) belonging to instances of (3) that span across (1), is there a good way do do this?

I have noticed that these tasks (4) have an attribute propagatedStageInstanceId when created in such a manner.

However, I’m unable to filter by this property via the GET /process-api/runtime/tasks or GET /process-api/runtime/tasks

Before using CMMN I had approached this problem by using a businessKey (i.e GET /process-api/runtime/tasks with filter on processInstanceBusinessKey) in combination with some businessKey inheritance here and there.

It appears I can’t use this approach with CMMN as the process task does not have any configuration for business keys.

Any obvious approaches that i’m missing?

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The JAVA API does support it, but most likely the REST API doesn’t have this (yet). I’ll look into it.

Thank you for the reply Joram

This is great

The propagatedStageInstanceId property has been added to the REST API now:

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