Seems that subScopeId isn't considered in REST task query


When I’m searching for tasks with subScopeId using the REST API, the whole list of tasks is returned (with all different types of existing subScopeIds: null or set).
Here’s my query using flowable-ui:

POST http://localhost:8080/flowable-ui/process-api/query/tasks
“subScopeId”: “SUBSCOPE_01”

What isn’t the case if I use scopeId or scopeType, where the filtering works.
It seems that the subScopeId is ignored even if combined with other scopeId and/or scopeType.
And there’s no error returned.
Is it normal?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Nobody to answer on this point?
I consider it as a bug, but before creating an issue on GitHub, I prefer to be sure.

Hi @wberges

I quickly checked the sourcecode of this REST api, it seems that the subScopeId is not supported yet for task filtering.

Neverthesless, if you have the cmmn engine also in place, you could use the task endpoint of the cmmn api, there the subScopeId is supported.

POST http://localhost:8080/flowable-ui/cmmn-api/cmmn-query/tasks
"subScopeId": "SUBSCOPE_01"


Ok, thanks Simon. :slight_smile:
No, I don’t use the CMMN engine for now, just BPMN.
I just checked if it was possible to reuse existing (and unused?) TASK fields as custom attributes for an optimized “search task by local criteria”, because “search tasks by variable values” using a JOIN is not really efficient…
Thanks again for the check.

Hey @wberges,

Using columns in the way you are explaining might be a bit dangerous, since Flowable has certain assumptions for those “unused” attributes such as scopeId, scopeType, subScopeId. It can lead to subtle bugs that are difficult to diagnose.


Ok, thanks for the explanation @filiphr :blush:
Best regards