Show a list of Task filtered for a criteria search


We are working with long list of Task per user, and we are thinking the best solution for working with “flowable-task” app will be to filter the task with one o many words for filter.
For example, Filter the task to only see the Task that has in his “Documentation” a search word.
I think now you can Search only by “Task Name”, and the search works opening one task that accomplish the search but not showing all the task that match in the left task list.

thanks a lot,


Hi Toni,

Rest endpoint
returns list of task.
refreshFilter function in flowable-ui-task/flowable-ui-task-app/src/main/webapp/workflow/scripts/controllers/tasks.js line 188 selects only one task to be displayed. That’s the point which have to be changed.
Change view and logic in the UI.


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Hi Martin,

Cool ! This way I make myself confident to make the customization.
I suppose I can also change the Query criteria for searching ond Documentation field instead of Task’s name.

Thanks a lot (again),



We have a similar use case where the user wants to be able to search by text entered in different forms’ fields, for different tasks.
Would it be possible to customise the filter UI in order to allow the user to select from a list of fields, enter the term to be searched, and have flowable searching for tasks containing forms containing the field value?
What would be an API providing such feature?

Should I be searching for the search forms API, or the task search API would do the trick?

Thank you in advance.

All of the Flowable OSS apps are Apache 2 Licensed, so you are welcome to customize them anyway you’d like. :slight_smile:
That being said, you’d have to modify and build your own version of the task app (which is AngularJS 1.3 on top of SpringBoot REST APIs)

You’re probably going to want to use the HistoryService so that you can search historical tasks, not just task current ones. Also, it’s less apparent if you only use the Task App but not all user tasks that gather data have forms, sometimes they are completed via API.

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Yes, I guess that would be the best way to achieve that.

Thank you for your answer.