Assignment filters

Is there any way to not apply a default assignment filter in order to see all the tasks?
What I want is a null/empty default filter so the user will be able to see all the task at first glance: the ones where I’m assigne/involved and the ones where I’m candidate merged.


Hi Clara,

use taskService query api


with or predicate


Thanks Martin,
However, what I want to do is to change the default filter in flowable-task aplication. I’ve already used the taskService.
So my problem is how to not apply a filter in the ASSIGNMENT field in order to see the assigned and the candidate tasks in the same list.


I managed to modifiy the default value of the assignment field. However, I don’t now how to add a forth value to the list. What I want to do is to have one filter that includes all the tasks that the user has assigned and the ones that he is one of the candidates. Does anyone knows how to do it? I’ve been searching where these elements are created but I didn’t found it yet.


Hi Clara,

I am new to Flowable. Just download it a few day back and play a bit.

I think you need to look into the following files:

  1. modules/flowable-ui-task/flowable-ui-task-app/src/main/webapp/workflow/scripts/controllers/tasks.js (line 42-46)
    Add your option in assignmentOptions.

  2. /modules/flowable-ui-task/flowable-ui-task-logic/src/main/java/org/flowable/app/service/runtime/ (line 232)

Add logic to handle the assignmentOptions in handleAssignment method .

Good luck.


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