How does ignoreAssigneeValue work?

I am working on a project where I need to get tasks by candidate groups and include both assigned and unassigned user tasks.

Following this discussion: TaskQuery API questions, multiple assignees and candidates that have been assigned and this corresponding PR: I have upgraded Flowable to 6.5.0.

I have a number of user tasks. Some of them are assigned, some aren’t. My base query is

GET localhost:8080/process-api/runtime/tasks?processDefinitionKey=<processKey>&taskDefinitionKey=<taskKey>

Where processKey and taskKey are some keys. This returns both assigned and unassigned tasks. I also need to scope the returned list by candidate groups, so I change the query to

GET localhost:8080/process-api/runtime/tasks?processDefinitionKey=<processKey>&taskDefinitionKey=<taskKey>&candidateGroups=group1,group2

This will only return unassigned tasks as discussed in the topic linked earlier. After upgrading to 6.5.0, there should be a new parameter ignoreAssigneeValue that I can use to include both assigned and unassigned tasks when querying by candidate group(s). But I cannot make the following query return assigned tasks:

GET localhost:8080/process-api/runtime/tasks?processDefinitionKey=<processKey>&taskDefinitionKey=<taskKey>&candidateGroups=group1,group2&ignoreAssigneeValue=true

What query should I be making in order to list both assigned and unassigned user tasks with the specified candidate group(s)?

Looking at the code, it appears that PR580 only added ignoreAssigneeValue to the Java API, but not the REST API. You can open an issue on the github page and we’ll get to it eventually, or you can try your had at creating a PR :slight_smile:

Thanks for the clarification. I’ll file an issue on the GitHub page :slight_smile: Edit: Link to issue on GitHub:

Will creating a HistoricTaskInstanceQuery not work?
There is a method taskInvolvedGroups which queries tasks which have identity links to given set of group IDs.