Canary Releases with SpringBoot

Hi everyone,

Currently, we want to apply canary releases/ blue-green to CICD. I have a question about the database.

So Should we have a database for each engine/version?

For example:

The production environment is running version 1 then when have an alpha/beta version 2 which need to be running in the Production environment.

In my view, it’s ok for all if they are running in the flowable-engine-version like 6.6.0. But It will have a problem if they are running in different flowable-engine-version like the first one is 6.6.0, the second one is 6.7.0

Let give me an advice for this case. How we implement it in the real world?

If you migrate the relational database schema to the next version, there is a chance that the instance running the old engine version won’t work correctly anymore (e.g. when a column is removed). We typically avoid these type of changes, but it does happen (infrequently).