Camel error Activiti 5.22 to Flowable 5.22

I am currently testing switching my app from Activiti 5.22 to Flowable 5.22. I changed the groupId and actifactId “activiti” to “flowable” in my pom.xml and tried to deploy the app, but got the following exceptions:

org.apache.camel.ResolveEndpointFailedException: Failed to resolve endpoint: activiti://myprocess:camelTask due to: Cannot auto create component: activiti

org.apache.camel.RuntimeCamelException: Cannot auto create component: activiti

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Invalid URI, no Component registered for scheme: activiti

java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.activiti.camel.ActivitiComponent

The app configuration runs just fine with Activiti 5.22. Is there some additional setting I need for Flowable to work with Camel?

So, the only way it seems to be working is if I leave the activiti-camel dependency in my pom.xml without renaming it to flowable-camel:


Is Flowable still dependent on Activiti for Camel integration? activiti-camel only goes to version 6.0.0. How do I upgrade to Flowable 6.4.2 and still use Camel?

For the test, we also use the flowable-camel dependency: see

Did you try with a newer flowable-camel version? That being said, using the old dependency shouldn’t be a problem if it works. The packages are compatible (for v5).

Yes, using the newer flowable-camel version worked. Thank you!