How to setup Camel task to make it work?

Hi Team,

I have downloaded Flowable 6.4.2 and i dont see any .war file for the Camel task to put into tomcat server.

where i can i download Floablw cmel task war file? what is needed?

Is camel task in moduler is really working?

Waiting for the response!

Thanks in advance!


Hey Santosh,

I would suggest that you look at Executing Camel task through Flowable Task.

TLDR, the Flowable Task application does not have the flowable-camel dependency and you have you build your own with the needed dependencies.

The Flowable UI Modeler is only for designing, so the XML that it would generate would be executable on an instance that has the flowable-camel dependency.


Thank you filiphr for the update.

I tried to build camel dependency by referring below instructions,

But i am unable to create WAR out of it. I am little surprised to now if this WAR can be downloadable somewhere which is already built by someone? or Flowable company?
I hope adding camel dependency to flow-able is generic to everyone.

Thanks in advance!