Flowable-Camel Compatibility

Hi @filiphr

I have implemented camel task in my java project,which works fine for a servicenow connector.Currently i use flowable 6.4.2.

I observed that flowable 6.4.2 uses camel-core and other camel components of version 2.24.0 by default.

Due to security reasons i am instructed to use camel-3.3.0.

Is flowable 6.4.2 compatible with some latest versions of camel like 3.3.0
Because basic camel impl classes like FlowableEndpoint/FlowableConsumer/FlowableProducer/FlowableComponent are moved under org.apache.camel.support package in camel 3.3.0,where as flowable classes are still referring to old packages org.apache.camel.impl due to which my springboot application doesn’t start.

Any suggestions or workarounds?

No, we haven’t upgraded to the latest camel dependencies. It’s something we need to take on (but as usual, it’s juggling with priorities). A PR is always appreciated if you feel up for it :wink:

No need to ping someone in particular, this is a public forum :wink:

I think that we already have a PR (https://github.com/flowable/flowable-engine/pull/1623). We would review this before the release.