Database migration from activiti to flowable

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We have a lending application where we are using Activiti 5.21.0. We want to migrate the application to Flowable. Please let me know how to migrate the data so that all the cases which are still in process can be transferred to flowable.
Our concern is we want all the cases which have not yet completed the flow can be transferreed to flowable.

Please suggest.


We are currently doing the same thing.

You can get started with the migration guide:

There is property flowable5CompatibilityEnabled that can be enabled.
This will make sure you can handle all your v5 processes.
We haven’t find out where we should configure this since Spring Boot Properties have been introduced.
Let us know if you know where we can configure this :wink:

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The link shared is for migrating from Flowable V5 to Flowable V6. But I need to know how to migrate from database from Activiti 5.21.0 to Flowable.
Is there a way we can directly do that.


@ankit.singh have a look at Effortless migration from Activiti to Flowable as well. On the database level there is no difference between Flowable v5 and Activiti v5. In case you are migrating to Flowable v5 then you just need to change the poms. If you are migrating to v6 you can just follow the link @spille send.

@spille regarding the flowable5CompatibilityEnabled property. It is not exposed via Spring Boot properties. However, you can enable it by using an EngineConfigurationConfigurer

public EngineConfigurationConfigurer<SpringProcessEngineConfiguration> enableFlowable5CompatibiityConfigurer() {
    return processEngineConfiguration -> processEngineConfiguration.setFlowable5CompatibilityEnabled(true);


Hi @filiphr
Just need one more information, suppose I am creating a new project with Flowable V5 having a similar diagram as existing activiti project then can we directly migrate the activiti tables to flowable V5 tables.

Hey @ankit.singh,

If you are starting a new project with Flowable I would highly suggest you to start with V6. That being said, there is nothing that you need to do on DB level. The tables are exactly the same. We have not changed the table names in Flowable V5 nor in V6.


Thanks man! :slight_smile: This solved our problem.


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Hello, I tried to place this into SpringApplicationContext. But when i start the application I am getting : Caused by: org.activiti.engine.ActivitiException: Unsupported process engine configuration
Using spring boot v 2 with 6.5.0 version :

I getting same after adding bean
Caused by: org.activiti.engine.ActivitiException: Unsupported process engine configuration
at org.flowable.compatibility.DefaultProcessEngineFactory.buildProcessEngine( ~[flowable5-compatibility-6.7.1.jar:6.7.1]

Do you have the flowable5-spring-compatibility dependency on your classpath?