Build docker image for lastest flowable-rest.war


I want to build docker file for flowable-rest 7.0.0 because I want to add some custome bean/class into it.

Below is Dockerfile, I can build the image, can run it (without error) but CANNOT access to the rest api. Please help


Use an official Tomcat runtime as a parent image

FROM tomcat:8.5-jdk17

ENV DIRPATH /usr/local/tomcat

Copy Tomcat users into the container at /conf

COPY ./tomcat-users.xml $DIRPATH/conf

Copy flowable-admin war file into the container at /webapps

COPY ./wars/flowable-rest.war $DIRPATH/webapps


Run CMD “” when the container launches

CMD [“”, “run”]

Hi @ngthanhvu

Why don’t you use the Flowable image itself as the base image?


Hi @yvo

I want to learn how to build from the .war file.

Base on this, I also want to add some custom bean to use in Service Task.

Can you guide me how to add custom bean? It is more important than build image from beginning now.


You can add a jar containing the delegate(s) to the Docker image.


FROM flowable/flowable-rest
COPY test.jar /app/WEB-INF/lib
docker build . -t flowable-rest-custom

This will build you a new image ‘flowable-rest-custom’ with the test.jar on the class path.

Hope this helps.


Thank @yvo

This is really helpful.

I case I want to use a common Bean (bean has one method with some param) to minimize buid & deploy docker again. This way will help ?


For this approach it’s easier to set the class (that implements the JavaDelegate interface) on the service task. So that Flowable instantiates this.
If you want to use Spring beans then more configuration is required. In that cause I would create a custom project and build that.
But if that is not needed the first approach is really quick and easy.


My situation is that the project team is using .NET as a main programming language so they don’t have many experience in Java that why I want to have a custom bean intead of write Java delegate for each service task.

Anyway, thank you so much.