What are the options for file storage for Flowable UI?

What are my other options for file storage apart from saving the files to ‘flowable.content.storage.root-folder’? Is it possible to save my files to a database as a BLOB, or using Sharepoint’s OData endpoints for example? Would using the Java API open up more solutions?

When I upload files using flowable-task, can I store them using some external system?

Hey @JonZ,

The Flowable OSS Content engine can only use the file system as a file storage.

There is no difference whether you want to use the Java API or the REST API. The Content Engine used in the OSS would use the file system. In theory you could change some of it logic to use a DB, or something else.


Thanks for the reply. That’s a big help.

As Filip says, the OSS Content engine can be extended to use BLOBs in a DB if that’s good enough. Often, DB BLOBs are not the right solution, and we do know of people that have created connectors to external OSS ECMs, including Nuxeo and Alfresco over REST. So far, no one has donated those to open source (we’d love someone to contribute connectors).

If the solution you need doesn’t have to be open source, then there are options with the Flowable Work product, but for any detail on that you should follow the “enterprise” link, as these forums are only about the open source libraries.