Queries on content engine in flowable

I have setup Flowable Open Source as a Spring boot with all the flowable starter dependencies. Everything works flawless and I will publish the project on Github for other’s reference .

I have few queries on content engine :

  1. Where can I read the documentation about content engine and api. Is there some dedicated section on website?

  2. Can I use S3 the dependencies explained in following section of enterprize version in Open Source version as well ?

  1. Is there some example of using S3 object storage as reference implementation ?

Thanks in advance .
Cheers ,

Hey @amardeep2006,

We currently do not support AWS S3 in the open source version. If you want to get a supported AWS S3 version I would suggest that you look into getting a Subscription for Flowable Orchestrate. You can find more info about this here.

If you want to do it on your own then you’ll need to implement your own ContentStorage.