Content API documentation

For a project we would like to see if we can use the content-api to store the files uploaded by forms. But we can not seem to find any documentation on the content-api? Can anyone point us in the right direction?

Question #2; how are files synced between different nodes? Does Flowable take care of this itself or de we have to setup some sort of syncing ourselves?

I know Questions regarding ContentService, where do i find documentation? looks like the same issue, but the ‘solution’ is a reference to a ticket created over a year ago.

#1: The content-api is currently quite simple (i.e. CRUD operations and inputstream fetching). The best documentation right now are the unit tests that reflect how it can be used:

#2: no, Flowable doesn’t take care of this. You’d need to have a solution for this like e.g. a mounted shared disk.