Using two event sub-process

hi,I want to use two event sub-process in my process,one sub-process is drived by other one sub-process.I run the process,but only one sub-process runs,other one don’t work,and then Main process ends.
This is my process diagram.

this is completed Task,T03 doesn’t run.

How should I solve it?

I’m not sure why this doesn’t work (I’ll have to dig into the source a bit to see), but one way to solve this is to wrap the tasks and “call2” signal call in a subprocess that contains an event-subprocess like so (here is a project that does just that):

But that doesn’t seem very intuitive. Perhaps you can describe what you’re trying to achieve so we might be able to suggest a different way to model it.

Thank you for your reply.

In the end, I want to do a process like this.Two sub-processes call each other.

I am not sure if it can execute successfully.The current situation is executed to T02, the process ends.

Is there some solution?

I solve this,just make the event sub-process uninterrupted.