How to reuse a process definition in many similar event subprocesses

We have some tasks that should be completed within 3 days. Otherwise, an escalation process should be started. This escalation process should be stopped, as soon as the over-due task was finally completed.

Current approach:
Currently, we nest each of those tasks in a subprocess. In each of those subprocesses, we add an event subprocess that is started by a timer. For most of the tasks, it’s exactly the same event subprocess, so we have thought about ways to reuse it’s process definition. Our first attempt was to use call activities.

Call activities had a major drawback in our case. The event subprocess should be cancelled, when the outer process is finished. However, we found no way to cancel the process that was started by the call activity.


  • Is there a way to interrupt call activities?
  • Is there another way to model our use case in the first place?