Using the runtime endpoint from Spring Boot Rest

I’m using the REST API for Flowable in Spring Boot, but I’m getting 404 when I call the runtime endpoint,
for example:

GET runtime/process-instances

But I get an error:

"timestamp": "2018-07-25T16:22:00.075+0000",
"status": 404,
"error": "Not Found",
"message": "No message available",
"path": "/runtime/process-instances"

Nothing under runtime seems to work for me. In pom I add these dependencies. Not sure if I need others?



The problem is that the endpoints are not running under the default dispatcher. Each engine has it’s API created under a custom dispatcher servlet. All of that is done in RestApiAutoConfiguration. Having said that, the process servlet runs under /process-api. So you need to call /process-api/runtime/process-instances

Aww Super!
I was incorrectly assuming that runtime lived in its own servlet. Ride on, now my query is working well.

BTW, can you please confirm that the following are all the engines/endpoints ?


and, could you give me an example of what’s in the Content Engine?

Thanks again!

Yes those are the endpoints for each of the engines. However, keep in mind that you will only have the /process-api as you are using the flowable-spring-boot-starter-process-rest. Have a look at the Spring Boot Flowable Starter section of the Flowable documentation and the Road to Spring Boot 2.0 blog post.

As for the Content engine. It was added in 6.0.0.RC1 and it is “An engine, which provides a simple file store for attaching files/documents to a task or process instance.”. Have a look at the Flowable 6.0.0.RC1 release notes blogpost