Flowable-rest process api 404 for all requests

I deployed flowable on tomcat, made some process and test on flowable task.
I tried to use flowable-rest and on swagger http://localhost:8080/flowable-rest/docs/?url=specfile/process/flowable.json#!/Runtime/signalEventReceived and all endpoints related to processes returns 404.
has no error on tomcat log and I have no idea hot to fix it, or, can I change the context from flowable-rest to flowable-task and use the same URIs?


Have a look in the Network tab of your browser when doing the requests. I think the reason why you get the 404 is that the Swagger is there only for documentation purposes, it is not meant to be calling the API directly and thus it is not configured.



The problem was the flowable.properties file.
And, swagger can exec all endpoints to test and validade the bpm process.