Using one subprocess at different places and not generating new process instance id

i want to use one sub process multiple times in different places in my workflow
import notes:
i want only one process instance for entire workflow

1.mainprocess.bpmn contains 2 subprocess ex: sub process1 and subprocess 2
2.sub process 1 contain sub process3
3.sub process 2 contain sub process3

once i start process everything should be under one process instance

issues facing : when i am deploying it my mainprocess is throwing error that subprocess3 elements are duplicated
please help me how can i fix it

I think that what you need is a call activity in place of sub processes.

my requirement should use only one process instance for entire process
call activity generates new process instance .

What you look for is a ‘collapsed subprocess’. I see unit tests for it: flowable-engine/ at master · flowable/flowable-engine · GitHub, however I’m not sure how currently it is implemented in the Modeler.