User Management and Queues

I am trying to model a process using the Flowable designer. I have the below queues like sales ,marketing, managers, engineers so that tasks can be assigned to the queues . Where can i configure starting from creation of users, queues and their assignment so that the tasks can be assigned to these queues?

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For a user taks you can configure an assignee, owner, candidate users and candidate groups. You are not required to create the user anywhere. You can read about it in the user guide

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Thanks for the reply. i am a little bit confused . I see tables like ACT_ID_USER,ACT_ID_GROUP and ACT_ID_MEMBERSHIP. I see some pre populated users like kermit , gonzo and fozzie which have been mapped to Management,Sales and Marketing. Are these users and group for a different purpose .

Hi. The kermit, gonzo and fonzo users, and the pre-populated groups are just there for demonstration / quick-start purposes. They have no other technical purpose ; so you can delete them and create you own users, groups and memberships.