Update already deploy worflow-models to last version

Hello everybody,
And thank you all for the great work with Flowable and also the previous work with Activiti.

In our team we are facing a problem updating the already deploy workflows with a new workflow-models. We have the same 4 workflows for many different tenants and we want to use always for all the latest version we have.

My working approach is updating the files in the act_ge_bytearray table that fits with this workflow, I make it with liquibase but in SQL should be:

update act_ge_bytearray set bytes_="" where name_“myworkflow.bpmn”

I have 2 different questions:

  • Is my approach correct, is any other better option to develop that? (I dont want to use the api in order to allow IT run only a script and make the update only one time).
  • Is there anyway to also update or even not save the generate PNG image in the same table. We are not using it for any purpose.

In our team we are going to go to flowable 6 when it becomes stable.

Keep making this very good work :slight_smile:


Updating the BPMN XML directly in the act_ge_bytearray works indeed (when restarting the application). You could also deploy the new process definition and then use the SetProcessDefinitionVersionCmd to update the process definition version of already running process instances.
You can disable the PNG image generation by setting the createDiagramOnDeploy property to false in the process engine configuration.

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Thank you Tijs you solved all my doubts! :stuck_out_tongue: