Unable to install Eclipse Designer

Can you try http://www.flowable.org/designer/update again? We’ve checked the setup and discovered there indeed might have been a problem.

Hello! The link is not working for me either. I’m trying to add flowable to eclipse following the instructions in the flowable documentation. The link provided (https://www.flowable.org/designer/update/) doesn’t work. On another forum someone said the link has been updated to (https://www.flowable.com/open-source/designer/update/) but I’m still getting the error. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Just in case any others come here looking for answers, this is how I was able to resolve this:

*Downloaded an archive file from https://github.com/flowable/flowable.github.io/blob/master/designer/archived/flowable-designer-5.22.0.zip?raw=true that had the features and plugins

*Followed instructions to install new software, but instead of using the archive button, hit the local button and select the unpacked flowable-designer-5.22.0 and the software became available to add.