Unable to complete user task through flowable ui

I have a BPMN process with one user activity. This activity has start and stop listeners configured in our api by implementing org.flowable.engine.delegate.ExecutionListener

We are able to complete the task through the api but when we try to complete the task throug flowable ui, it is failing with below error

Caused by: org.flowable.common.engine.impl.javax.el.PropertyNotFoundException: Cannot resolve identifier ‘activityEndListener’

Is this expected behavior ? Can we not use flowable ui to complete tasks and process ?


@jothianand can you provide complete stack trace and a the process you are executing? Also what is the logic for execution listeners?

The deployment of the UI which is in a separate tomcat instance (likely anyway) from your API, and wouldn’t have access to the delegate classes you’ve referenced in your models since they’re over in your API. If you package your delegates separately you can drop a copy of them in the WEB-INF/lib folder of the flowable-ui deployment so that it can find the activityEndListener class it’s currently having trouble with. Keep in mind that any bootstrapping/properties/ DB connections etc… that your class needs would also need to be provided within the config of the flowable-ui deployment in order for you to be able to complete the task via the UI

Thanks for the response.

As you mentioned, the listeners are configured in our APIs which flowable ui is unaware and it couldnt resolve them.

Can we customize flowable ui such that on performing operations like completing a task or process instance, our APIs are called rather than calling flowable rest APIs ?

I’m assuming the activityEndListener class is your implementation. If it’s just making a REST call then I would think you would just need to ensure that the url it calls is configurable so that you can provide the Flowable-ui with the appropriate config. The Flowable-ui being Spring based should allow you to add your extra configuration parameters to WEB-INF/classes/flowable-default.properties in flowable-ui. I can’t guarantee anything but I had run into similar issues and packaged some of my delegates up in order to try the same thing. In my scenario we decided to not bother moving forward with the approach as there was too much extra config we needed. We just accepted that we would just use the admin tool as a “view only” tool

Understood, thanks again for the response.

Will try the possiblitites and chose the best one …