Fail to run Service Task from Flowable-task Ui Application

I need to run all my process in flowable springboot application from Flowable-Task UI. Im working on small workflow which contains one User Task and one service task. im using flowable springboot engine and i was able to include a form to my user task and java delegate class to Service Task. i configured my springboot application and flowable-task ui application to use same Mysql Database. i was able to run this process and load User task form in flowable-task UI but im having an issue when i run service task. in this workflow i have a service task after user task. when i try to complete the user task im getting these errors

If i add fully Qualified Class Name to service task:
Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.zaizi.dpa.delegate.TestServiceTaskDelegate

if i add component bean name to service task as Delegate Expression:
Delegate expression testServiceBeanName did neither resolve to an implementation of interface org.flowable.engine.impl.delegate.ActivityBehavior nor interface org.flowable.engine.delegate.JavaDelegate

i can complete user tasks using flowable rest api without any errors and Service Task can find the delegate class but when i try to complete user task from flowable-task ui im getting all these errors.

Could somebody can explain how i can configure my java delegate to use in Flowable-task UI.?

Hey @paulrda,

Connecting your own Flowable Spring Boot application and the Flowable Task UI Application with the same database is not enough.

In order for the custom service tasks to work you would need to make sure that the custom java code that you are using in your own Spring Boot application is also present in the Flowable UI Task Application.